03/05/2016 - First Entry

Hello World!

I decided to write this blog because i love putting words onto paper, and hopefully i'll get better as i goSmile

So, a little about me. I grew up on a 10 acre block in Harvey, Western Australia. I have 3 brothers and a sister, of which i am the middle child.

When i finished High School, i didn't really know what i was going to do, but having always been good with computers, i had hoped to go into something to do with tech. So when my dad mentioned drafting as a posibility, i said yeh, i could give that a go.

The next thing i knew, mum had enrolled me an a year long TAFE course and i was straight back into school.

Early that December, i completed the diploma at TAFE, got my first real job, and I finally got my drivers license, all in the same week. It was pretty awesome. Big Grin

At about the same time that i started work, i also started going to the beach with my best mate. We went every day straight after work, and we ended up getting really fit. Ahhh, those were the good days..

Anyways, now days i am married to the girl of my dreams, own a house in the city and to be honest, i'm just trying to keep up with everything... and i dont even have kids yet!

03/05/2016 - Harvey Holiday - Day 1

After a months of stress building up and up, i finially decided to take some time off of work and just chill out for a week.

My idea of "just chilling out" may be a little different to that of some people because, for my week off, i decided to go down to my parent's place and work in the vineyard, which is where i am right now.

Since most of us kids have moved out, Mum and Dad have just let the vines go crazy and fall apart, so what i'm doing this week is starting to clear it all out and turn it back into a paddock for the cows. That means removing all the wire, cutting the wooden trestles off at the base and piling them up to burn and then adding the vines to the pile as well.

So far ive cleared the wire from 1 of the 8 remaining rows of grapes and tomorrow i'll have Dad working with me, and we should clear at least double that.

Well, with that being said, i wont be getting anything done tomorrow unless i get some sleep now, so i'll catch you all later.

Yours truely,

The Winter Rambler

04/05/2016 - Harvey Holiday - Day 2

So, turns out the row i did yesterday was by far the easiest as it didnt have vines growing all over it. Me and dad together were only able to get 1 row done today, but still very happy with the result. We can now start to imagine what it will be like when all the wooden trestles and the vines are all removed.

One main reason that dad wants to remove the grapes and the apricots is that twice now he has had sheep stolen and he wants to be able to see them no matter where they are on the property so that it doesnt happen again.

When he originially told me that he'd had sheep stolen i thought he was kidding... i mean, in this day and age, there are still people steeling sheep! Seriously?! It wasn't just one or two either, hes had around 30 sheep nicked (i didn't even know he had that many) and amongst them was a beautiful young ram that he'd planned on making his breeder.

Anyway, so thats the deal, i hope the mongrels that did it get found out and locked up. Stealing another man's sheep used to be a death sentance...

And on that happy note, i bid thee good night.

Your's truely,

The Winter Rambler

05/05/2016 - Harvey Holiday - Day 3

Today was nice. Dad was back at work, so it was just me and the cows again Smile

By lunch i had another half a row done and i headed back to the house. It has been so nice just doing whatever i've felt like these past couple of days, and there really is a difference between working because you have to and working because you want to. Like those times when no one has asked you to do the dishes, but you CHOOSE to do them and it's actually not that bad.

It also makes a difference if you can just go at your own pace, instead of having to race through something so that you can finish it by some deadline.

Another good thing about working in the grapes has been all the time i've had to just relax my brain and chill out completely. It's like sleeping but better, cause you are aware of your random thoughts and they make more sense. I think we all need times like that where we can just nut things out in our heads.

Unfortunately, as most good things come to an end, tomorrow is my last day of farm life for another little while. I guess now i have to figure out when we can move back down here so we dont have to keep enduring the city life. There's nothing like city living for making you stress out in life!

But since we wont be moving down any time soon, i will make the most of my last night here and read my book in front of the fire Big Grin

Wishing you well,

The Winter Rambler

06/05/2016 - Harvey Holiday - Day 4

So, i didn't end up doing another half row today, i just cleaned up my stuff and restarted the fire, then around lunch time i left for home.

As much as i loved being down south, i'm dying to see the Mrs! So when i got home, i got working and cooked up some "Toad in the Hole" and gravy to go with. Since i never cook, she's going to be crazy happy when she gets home Big Grin

Now that i'm finished cooking and just waiting on the Mrs, i think i'll chill out and read some more of my book Smile

Take it easy,

The Winter Rambler